How to build up courage to break out of your comfort zone!

First …what is courage?

Courage is….. feeling the fear but doing it anyway,

“the ability to do something that frightens one”……

“strength in the face of pain or grief”….

Wikipedia states …… 

Courage is the ability to confront fear, pain, danger, uncertainty or intimidation.

Physical courage is courage in the face of physical pain, hardship, death or threat of death.

Moral courage is the ability to act rightly in the face of popular opposition, shame, scandal or discouragement.

Courage can be learned with practice!

Developing courage will help you to

achieve the great success that is possible for you.

Dream Big Dreams

Develop the courage to dream big dreams and

to set big goals.

Silence the critic in your mind and

ignore the naysayers even if they are your family.

They may mean well and love you very much

BUT this is your Dream, your Life!

Ask yourself…If you knew you could not fail

what great thing would you do??  

Ok, let your mind ponder that thought

for a few minutes and notice

what dreams come to you.

Now sit down, write out your goals

as if anything were possible for you as

you develop the courage to Dream Big Dreams.

Make a Commitment and follow through.

Start by making a commitment to something

you absolutely love and can be

accomplished in a short amount of time.

Develop your courage to make bigger

commitments with each success gained.

By accomplishing smaller goals you are

building up your courage.

Successful people live life fully engaged!

Life offers no guarantees for anyone,

but those who reach their goals do so

by putting their heart and soul into

the activities that are constantly bring

them closer to their goals.

My Father would often say to me while growing up....

If you fall down a 1000 times they get up 1001

Ok, so now you’re ready to

Move out of Your Comfort Zone

Developing the courage to move out of your comfort zone

often causes you some discomfort, where you may

feel awkward, clumsy and sometimes so alone.

There is a saying that ….

“If you always do what you have always done,

you will always get what you have always got”

In order for things to change you must make a change!

You need the courage to continually move yourself in the

direction of your biggest goals and ambitions.

You need to be willing to face discomfort in order for you to grow.

 Courage to Step Out in Faith

You need the Courage to step out of your Comfort Zone in

Faith with no guarantees of success.

Courageous people are those who have a Dream and

set a Goal, make a plan and take the first step,

with no assurances and no guarantees that

their efforts will result in success.

However, if you look upon every step forward as

a learning experience and every setback as a

valuable lesson that has been sent to you to

make you stronger and better, you will

not be afraid to step out in faith into the unknown.

Courage is needed to Risk Failure.

You need the courage to get through the  

constant setbacks,the disappointments, and

the temporary defeats you will encounter on your journey.

You need to learn to deal with failure by realizing that for most people experience this before they reach success.

You want to develop the courage to treat failure as an opportunity to start all over again with

a greater understanding.

You will overcome the fear of failure by doing the things you fear over and over again,

and then by resolving to bend rather than break

when things don’t work out for you.

Face Your Fears with Courage

Start by listing all the fear situations in your life

that cause you stress or anxiety today.

Decide what the worst possible outcome of each of

these situations might be.

Resolve to accept the worst, should it occur, then take action to resolve each of those situations.

Be Willing To Make Mistakes

You need the courage to be willing to make mistakes and learn from them.

All peak performers continually make decisions,

make mistakes, learn from them, self-correct, and carry on.

Successful people are not those who necessarily

make the right decisions all the time, 

but they make their decisions right.

If they make a mistake, they accept it and learn

as much as possible from it.

The more you fail and the more mistakes you make,

the smarter you become and the more likely it is that you will eventually achieve your goals.

Develop the Courage to Accept Complete

Responsibility for Your Life

“If it is to be it is up to me”… which means to take ownership for results.

You need the courage to refuse to make excuses or

to defend yourself.

You need the courage to say, over and over again,

“I am responsible!”

When something goes wrong, you focus on the

solution rather than the problem.

You ask, “What do we do from here?

What’s the next step? What is the solution?”

Then “You pick yourself up, dust yourself off and

start all over again.”

Persistence is the quality that will ultimately

guarantee your success.

Your willingness to persist in the face of every adversity

can be your greatest asset.

It can be the one factor that guarantees your success.

If you refuse to quit, you must ultimately succeed.

Just as in baseball, you won’t ultimately hit a

home run unless you keep on swinging.  

Babe Ruth, had the most strike outs of any baseball player

Babe Ruth also had the most home runs of any baseball player.

No one was ever defeated until they accepted defeat as a reality.

No one can ever defeat you but yourself.

You are Courageous!!

To Our Mutual Success,


BetteJean Clarke

(705) 238-2460



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Layla Black on the benefits of being a stay at home Mom!

Layla is one unique half of the dynamic duo of

Toby and Layla Black with beautiful daughter Beatrice.

They are both full-time Internet Marketers who make

an exceptional living from home on the wonderful internet

...made even sweeter since their darling daughter

Beatrice~ who is the apple of their eye~ and as

Layle shared with us they have  another baby on the way.

They are Musicians, Social Media Addicts…Bloggers…

Bookworms and crazy family peeps......and might I add

some of the best Internet Markters this industry knows

with an awesome stage presence sharing stories straight from the heart.

Layla has been working from home for 5 years

now so has been through the learning curve and can now

complete her business in a few hours a day leaving

quality time with her daughter, her husband and her family..

This interview was taken at the Orlando event where

Layla, Toby and Beatrice took the stage and rocked

the house with their heart touching stories~

It's your time to shine!

 Living Our Best Life,

BetteJean Clarke



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Mike Hobbs: How he takes notes at  company events?

At our company event "Fight the Forces of Evil"

we had so many awesome Leaders delivering

amazing training packed with value.

Mike Hobbs has been a speaker on-stage before and has become

very, very successful in ALL areas of his life....based on his results.

Results are not typical so Please isee our ncome disclosure at the bottom of the page for more information.


I noticed when checking facebook during our event break

that after a speaker had

finished speaking Mike had already posted some  

'nuggets of wisdom' the Leader had just finished sharing.

Mike took "little notes" as he referred to them as

consistently throughout the event

capturing the essence and wisdom or "nuggets"

from each of the awesome Leaders presentations. 

Then he would post some value from that Leader to his facebook page! 

When I asked Mike what he thought about the

"word mapping" that Chris Record shared with us all

at the event , he said it that

" is going to take his business to a whole new level".  

More about "word mapping" in another post, OK

Let me close here by saying I had a super breakthrough at this event ~

Keep On Keeping On and we will talk again soon.

To Living Our Best Life,

BetteJean Clarke


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What Makes a Great Leader?


What Makes a Great Leader?  VISION

Having a vision larger than yourself, larger than this moment.

A Vision with Passion....and compassion -- deep caring 

Leadership is about knowing.......

How to Make YOUR VISION a Reality?

Between the quality of your Vision and the level of your Passion.....

You're able to Inspire people>>>>>>> It is about having faith!

Great Leaders have the flexiblity to be able to change on a dime,

They deal with problems, They have resolve -

Great Leaders keep their word!

They tell the TRUTH - truth has trememdous power, truth penetrates!

Truth told not to hurt or harm, not to gain something from somebody.........

TRUTH.... for the purpose of serving

Great Leaders are ALL Purpose Driven~

trying to serve something more then themselves!

They are outcome driven not just process driven.

They understand the process but they never let go of the outcome!

Great Leaders have Certainty ~

People are attracted to certainty, in fact most people crave certainty!

They find a way to meet peoples deeper needs, not just their desires!

Their need to contribute...Their need to grow.... Sense of Contribution

Great Leaders Listen ~

They really listen and take in the experience as well as what is being said>>>

They see what's not being said...they go deeper>>>>>>>

Great Leaders have a self awareness so that while they can utilize the patterns that made them successful they can still monitor and see what is going on beyond themselves. 

They can step out of themselves and see their own patterns......

where they are strong and where they are weak!! 

They are also able to MODULATE and that is why

Great Leaders become Stronger and Lead more Effectively !!

Great Leaders are Life-long Learners>>>>

They read, they listen, they study, they expand, they go deep>>>

They lead because they are prepared ...                                                               they lead because they have done their homework

Great Leaders Go Deep....they don't just stay on the surface!

Great Leaders lead for the purpose of Serving.

Not for the purpose of getting or gaining anything whether it be money or attention! They may achieve those things as a secondary benefit but their quest is to serve.... Life moves to what serves more of Life!!

Great Leaders Live what they Teach!!

No one's perfect but they stay congruent with their core message.  Great Leaders are willing to fail but it is not failing because they are learning from their experiences. 

Leadership is not something you were born with ~

Leadership is something that is ignited in someone when they find something they believe in and something they want to serve greater then themselves! That's when Leadership qualities start to develop. Leadership skills can be learned but the character of Leadership can only be lived. Leaders earn their ability to lead.

Leaders Build People Up~

They don't tear them down. Leaders get people to set a new standard for themselves to live by when the leader is not even there! 

Leaders have energy, there is power in a Leader that comes from what they stand for that is unmatched by their fear of weakness ....Even the fear of weakness they have within themselves at times!

Leaders have the power to attract and drive -

they don't just push ~ they pull

They do it by going first. Leaders are committed to doing what is right!!

Take Care and Make it a Great Day,

BetteJean Clarke



How to Set Bold Money Goals? 

You need to set Bold Money Goals because

You've got to name it to claim it!

Two Ends of the Spectrum>>>

You can play it SAFE or you can set an

un-realistic number for yourself!

So, how do you know when you are playing it safe?

OK, when you decide to set Bold Money Goals

you want to stretch out of your comfort zone

....but also choose an attainable amount.

If you set your Bold Money Goal to an

amount you have already achieved ..

well that is playing it safe!

And if you set the Bold Money Goals

unrealistically high then the mind will reject it!


your Bold Money Goals needs to be relateable,

within grasp of your mind

but also they needs to excite you,

get your heart pounding,

even a little scary!

These Bold Money Goals needs to move you

and pump you up so when you

read over your goals everyday

you get "butterflies" in the stomach

because part of you already knows

"You Can Do It" and NOW you are ready!

There is a sense of excitement knowing that

these Bold Money Goals are within reach for you.

As T. Harv Eker teaches in his awesome book

"Secrets of the Millionaire Mind" (everyone needs a copy of this book) ....

put your hand over your heart and say...

"I am committed to constantly learning and growing!" 

"I focus on building my net worth!"

Then touch your head and say..." I have a millionaire mind!"

NOW...You make the committment to take

Massive Action toward your

Bold Money Goals saying.......

"It's My Time!" YES, I Can Do It!!

Looking for an additional income stream?

Click on this link below then watch the video and send me a message!



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