What Makes a Great Leader?


What Makes a Great Leader?  VISION

Having a vision larger than yourself, larger than this moment.

A Vision with Passion....and compassion -- deep caring 

Leadership is about knowing.......

How to Make YOUR VISION a Reality?

Between the quality of your Vision and the level of your Passion.....

You're able to Inspire people>>>>>>> It is about having faith!

Great Leaders have the flexiblity to be able to change on a dime,

They deal with problems, They have resolve -

Great Leaders keep their word!

They tell the TRUTH - truth has trememdous power, truth penetrates!

Truth told not to hurt or harm, not to gain something from somebody.........

TRUTH.... for the purpose of serving

Great Leaders are ALL Purpose Driven~

trying to serve something more then themselves!

They are outcome driven not just process driven.

They understand the process but they never let go of the outcome!

Great Leaders have Certainty ~

People are attracted to certainty, in fact most people crave certainty!

They find a way to meet peoples deeper needs, not just their desires!

Their need to contribute...Their need to grow.... Sense of Contribution

Great Leaders Listen ~

They really listen and take in the experience as well as what is being said>>>

They see what's not being said...they go deeper>>>>>>>

Great Leaders have a self awareness so that while they can utilize the patterns that made them successful they can still monitor and see what is going on beyond themselves. 

They can step out of themselves and see their own patterns......

where they are strong and where they are weak!! 

They are also able to MODULATE and that is why

Great Leaders become Stronger and Lead more Effectively !!

Great Leaders are Life-long Learners>>>>

They read, they listen, they study, they expand, they go deep>>>

They lead because they are prepared ...                                                               they lead because they have done their homework

Great Leaders Go Deep....they don't just stay on the surface!

Great Leaders lead for the purpose of Serving.

Not for the purpose of getting or gaining anything whether it be money or attention! They may achieve those things as a secondary benefit but their quest is to serve.... Life moves to what serves more of Life!!

Great Leaders Live what they Teach!!

No one's perfect but they stay congruent with their core message.  Great Leaders are willing to fail but it is not failing because they are learning from their experiences. 

Leadership is not something you were born with ~

Leadership is something that is ignited in someone when they find something they believe in and something they want to serve greater then themselves! That's when Leadership qualities start to develop. Leadership skills can be learned but the character of Leadership can only be lived. Leaders earn their ability to lead.

Leaders Build People Up~

They don't tear them down. Leaders get people to set a new standard for themselves to live by when the leader is not even there! 

Leaders have energy, there is power in a Leader that comes from what they stand for that is unmatched by their fear of weakness ....Even the fear of weakness they have within themselves at times!

Leaders have the power to attract and drive -

they don't just push ~ they pull

They do it by going first. Leaders are committed to doing what is right!!

Take Care and Make it a Great Day,

BetteJean Clarke



How to Set Bold Money Goals? 

You need to set Bold Money Goals because

You've got to name it to claim it!

Two Ends of the Spectrum>>>

You can play it SAFE or you can set an

un-realistic number for yourself!

So, how do you know when you are playing it safe?

OK, when you decide to set Bold Money Goals

you want to stretch out of your comfort zone

....but also choose an attainable amount.

If you set your Bold Money Goal to an

amount you have already achieved ..

well that is playing it safe!

And if you set the Bold Money Goals

unrealistically high then the mind will reject it!


your Bold Money Goals needs to be relateable,

within grasp of your mind

but also they needs to excite you,

get your heart pounding,

even a little scary!

These Bold Money Goals needs to move you

and pump you up so when you

read over your goals everyday

you get "butterflies" in the stomach

because part of you already knows

"You Can Do It" and NOW you are ready!

There is a sense of excitement knowing that

these Bold Money Goals are within reach for you.

As T. Harv Eker teaches in his awesome book

"Secrets of the Millionaire Mind" (everyone needs a copy of this book) ....

put your hand over your heart and say...

"I am committed to constantly learning and growing!" 

"I focus on building my net worth!"

Then touch your head and say..." I have a millionaire mind!"

NOW...You make the committment to take

Massive Action toward your

Bold Money Goals saying.......

"It's My Time!" YES, I Can Do It!!

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How to Find Your Purpose in Life? 



It's not all about You!"

as Rick Warren suggest in his awesome book "The Purpose Driven Life

The purpose of your life is far greater than

your own personal fulfillment,

your peace of mind or

even your happiness.

It is far greater than your family, your career, or

even your wildest dreams and ambitions!

You must begin with God if you truly wish to discover your true purpose! 

You were born by the Grace of God and for the Grace of God!!

Some people say:

Your Life  was a gift from God and what you do with your Life is your gift to God!

Focusing on Ourselves will never reveal our life's purpose.

What on Earth Am I Here For?

You were made by God and for God, maybe you say

Universal Intelligence or by whatever name you

call your Higher Power.....

and until you understand that, life will never make sense!

Here are 5 ways to discover your 

Purpose and Passion in Life!

1.  Make a list of everything that excites you, things you do for fun...

What makes you happy....at home, at work, with friends,

sports, art, travel, hobbies (think an abundance of money)!!!

2.  Now look at the people you admire, your role models and mentors

Make a list of the things you admire about these people.....their kindness, standing up for the truth...what is it that you notice most about them??

Your task now is to copy their positive life affirming traits ....you were attracted to these traits because they speak to you ...

it is your inner guidance!  also called your Intuition!!

3.  Make a List of Things that come naturally to you...without a second thought?

These are your God given talents and

so many of us miss them because

we are too busy looking for something outside ourselves!

Maybe it is your sense of humor, your creativeness or playfulness,

perhaps you have an amazing way with animals or

you love working with numbers ..... Our genius

Genius is described as one's natural ability or capacity.

strong inclination, gift, talent endowment, distinctive character or

spirit to list a few definitions from the dictionary. 

4.  Review your Passions, Actions and Genius Lists

Commit to spending at least 10 minutes each day

doing something from one of these 3 lists! 

Dance, Sing, Organize a drawer or room, 

Thank someone you really appreciate, anonymously!!

5. Pay Attention to How you are Feeling!

You will be feeling excited, alive and happy to begin each day...

If you are Living your Life's purpose!!

This is where you get to move out of your comfort zone >>

Are you feeling fearful with these new challenges???

F.E.A.R.  stands for:

False Expectations Appearing as Real

It is natural to feel scared when first

stepping into your "Life's Purpose"!

Feel the Fear but Do It Anyways!

What great thing would you do if you knew you could not fail?


Calling All Children..........hiding out in their Adult bodies

Come Out ..Come Out…

Wherever you are and Play in the Now Sun of Your Life~

As John Denver so sweetly said in one of his specials ~

“We learn in the presence of other generations!

The Old need to teach the Young and the Young need to teach the Old!”

He talked about learning to live life daily ~ Reverently …with a Reverence for Life!

Now, this isn’t the reverence of holier than now….it is the Reverence that says

“Do Yourself No Harm for We are ALL Here Together”

My interest in the earth and the people who live close to the land

is as strong as ever. I can see more clearly now

the Positive Impact I have by living my life daily with Reverence.

For those of you who do not know who John Denver was( …Ohhhhh how he loved to fly planes and sadly he died when his plane he was flying went down and crashed  in his 53rd year)

John was the most amazing singer,

song writer and guitarist who was to the 70’s that

The Beatles were to the 60’s and 

Elvis Presley was to the 50’s.

I loved John Denver (didn't know him personally though) and knew most of his songs by heart and would sing them out loud frequently while driving. He inspired me to

Reach for the Heavens and Hope for the Future,

to live my life fully, have love and respect for all living things and to share my love, complete with its ups and downs

LOVE is the Only Medicine  ~  LIVE with Passion

His song >>>Leaving on a jet plane came out in 1973 the year I graduated as a Registered Nurse and that is what I did …

I packed my bags and headed out to Vancouver looking for adventure as a new grad.

The rest is Herstory ~ In September 2013 I celebrated 40 awesome years as a Registered Nurse with 50 classmates at our Nurse’s Reunion.

You know what I love about Empower Network is that

we can learn in the presence of other generations, because there are all ages looking to learn about creating wealth through the internet.

There are two Regional conferences you could attend~

New Orleans, Louisana from May 22rd to 25th with the VIP package and 

Charlotte, North Carolina from June 26th to 29th with the VIP package.

I got my ticket, airfare and hotel all lined up for

New Orleans where I will be connecting with

Angela Moore and all the awesome people of Leaders 57. 

To sign up here for $25,

click the link beside blog to see the video

I am learning from so many brilliant people who really understand

“how to make more than just money on-line”, friendships and mentors

These very talented people …younger then my children have such

a passion for learning and teaching and they definitely live their life on purpose!

I had the privilege of first meeting

David Wood at the No Excuses Summit April 2011 conference

then followed his footprints to his room …it was so cool …

then I bought a ticket to his Costa Rica Mastermind for that July

at a mansion by the sea side. Join me for a swim in the pool?

There I met David Sharpe, Lawrence Tam, Angela Moore, Chris Rocheleau plus many more awesome and amazing people.  This is where we went zip lining. YES!!

I had no idea what a beta test group was

that I heard Lawrence Tam talking about and

although I could understand the psychology behind what was being taught

I was beyond clueless about how the internet worked since

my life has been in health care up until the NES event.  

It was at the 2011 Costa Rica Mastermind that I got to witness

Dave and Dave come together with the brainchild of Empower Network,

not that I knew that at the time but looking back now it all makes more sense.

I watched in awe as David Sharpe, Lawrence Tam, Chris Rocheleau and

Ola and Shola added amazing value both technical but also

dealing with your mind set to the weekend retreat as speakers.

The energy was so empowering and uplifting as I witnessed again and

again David Wood move someone from a place of fear to a place of confidence! 

YES>>> so Angela Moore did the big swing (she was so brave ~ ask her about it)

during our riveting experience Zip Lining through the jungle of Costa Rica.

I believe there were 8 separate zip-lines to get to the bottom

with each one picking up speed…..

Here is David Wood hanging upside down...

well after the first one, when I thought for sure my heart had stopped but

I wasn’t going to be able to …and

I was gonna flatten that small framed young man

that was supposed to catch me when I come zip lining in to the tree post.

Thankfully I did not squish him and I was able to stop myself in time ** 

The only way off the mountain at this point was after the next zip line or

at the end of all 8 of them.

I choose to be hoisted down a tree after the next zip line

by this tiny little woman who was all skill and muscle.

She brought two of us hefty ladies down that tree with

amazing grace and we got to walk out through the

condominiums of Osa Mountain Village.


Bottom line here is that you must

get out of your comfort zone and

stretch your limits to know how far you can go,

become a lifelong learner,

take some chances and

if you fall down 1000 times you get up 1001.

That was one of my Dad’s favorite sayings

that always seemed so far fetched as a child but

as I got older that number got closer and closer ~

I always got back up then added one of

Peter Tosh’s sayings that “you gotta pick yourself up,

dust yourself off and start all over again”.  

$25 to get started and change your world! Click the link to see video ! 

To our Mutual Success,


The Net And The Garden


“The Net And The Garden”

The net and the garden was the analogy used By Roger Hamilton
is his e-guide on Wealth Dynamics;
His e-guide is about the ~ Flow of Money~
Money flows all around this planet…all the time

the garden

Why do some people seem to create wealth so effortlessly…
while others struggle to make ends meet!
One could catch butterflies in a net which would mean
catching them daily and hoping they will stay or cage them
one could plant the garden with flowers that attract the butterflies
daily to come and visit >>>>>>>
The guide is not about making money, but about creating wealth.

Roger’s definition of wealth is:

“Wealth is not how much money you have. Wealth is what you’re left with when you lose all your money”

Growing wealth enables you to continuously attract money
and opportunities in the same way that growing a garden
enables you to continuously attract the birds and butterflies.

The Net

So, with the “Net” you can build little nets and big nets…
the point is that you will still need to hold on to the
butterflies you catch or they will fly away.
You will live fearing the butterflies
will disappear
or someone will have a bigger “Net”.
The comparison here is that you can follow all the
strategies of the successful but you are still using a “Net”!
Trying to make money without first building wealth~


The Garden


Wealth creators, on the other hand do not worry about building a “Net”.

They grow the garden…with flowers that attract the butterflies and birds.
When we focus on creating a beautiful and inspiring garden,
when we are building value around us…something permanent around us.
As the garden grows…the butterflies come~ then the birds and the bees…
and we know what happens then…a whole lot of
POLLINATING going on in the garden >>>>>
You are not in fear of the butterflies leaving as there are always more coming.

Successful Wealth Creators

focus entirely on building their wealth foundation first
then…..they focus on money making activities.
Successful Wealth Creators build a reputation, a network of awesome people,
a sound knowledge and resource base, with a great track record.

Successful Wealth Creators build their “garden” not around

their expertise, but around their passion so that

Every day they wake up to their passion – not an empty net!

I would love to hear your stories about learning and what worked for you!

Love, Light and Laughter

P.S.: There is awesome training inside the Empower Network suite of products on internet marketing. If you have a business or a service and you are looking at how to take that business to the internet you will want to discover what thousands of people around the world have found to be the best source for internet training and marketing.

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